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All 9 Solfeggio Frequencies / Pure Tones

Solfeggio frequencies, often promoted as “ancient solfeggio frequencies”, are a crank concept in sound healing. They involve grandiose claims about a certain series of sound frequencies derived from a numerological system of family number groups.

The concept hijacks and misapplies terminology (including the name) from the “solfeggio” or solfège music-education method, but other than that has nothing in common with it. Many who push this also push the A440 conspiracy – that is, that the modern international standard for Western tuning is somehow detrimental to our well-being.

In recent years, a sound phenomenon called solfeggio frequencies has become very popular. Solfeggio frequencies are sound tones that can improve overall health and well-being. These frequencies date back to ancient times and are said to originate from the Solfeggio scale, invented by Guido d’Arezzo in the 8th century. The tones were widely used by the Gregorian monks in their chants because of the rhythmic pulse that had healing quantities.

Solfeggio frequencies were rediscovered in 1974 by Dr. Joseph Puleo, a North Idaho physician. Dr. Puleo used the Pythagorean method of number reduction to decode six sound frequencies that create balance and resonance in our bodies and improve mental health. In his later research, Dr. Puleo described three additional frequencies that complement the Solfeggio scale.

There are six main solfeggio frequencies:

396 Hz417 Hz528 Hz639 Hz741 Hz852 Hz

The three additional tones:

174 Hz285 Hz963 Hz

The fact that these frequencies promote healing has been confirmed by other scientists such as Dr. Lee Lorenzen, who discovered their resonant effect on water molecules.

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